Interview: Northeast Bulgaria with highest potential for development of wind energy

Sevda Yontcheva, vice president for Bulgaria of CWP, and executive director of its subsidiary “Dobrotich Wind” AD, gave an interview for Capital weekly.

What is the role of wind power in the country’s energy mix?

On the one hand, wind energy is completely carbon neutral, meaning that its contribution to reducing the overall carbon footprint is significant, which in turn is directly relevant to the global climate change problem. Replacing fossil fuels with a local resource, such as wind, is something that is among the top priorities of the European Union in the context of the Green Deal and zero emissions targets. Northeast Bulgaria has the greatest potential for development of this kind of energy due to the availability of suitable wind resource and the relatively few restrictions in terms of land usage. The development of this potential will help balance the energy system, as the hourly and annual generation profile contributes precisely at times of highest demand and complements well the generation profile of solar power plants.

The adequate wind potential in Northeast Bulgaria, the ambitions of Varna of becoming the center of energy sector transformation and the development of the “Dobrotich Wind” project are elements which could change the energy map of the country.

This is the place to say that to a country like Bulgaria it is important that the country’s energy mix as a whole is diverse, which shall guarantee sustainability at times of various energy crises.we are witnessing a similar crisis in the context of the war in Ukraine, which has led to reassessment of EU’s energy policy.

The complete interview is available in Bulgarian here.