Dobrotich Wind

520 MW wind
1.35 million tonnes CO2 abatement


Dobrotich Wind Park is a large scale renewable energy project which provides electricity to power around 440,000 homes and displaces 1,350,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

It also brings economic benefits to the local communities and  Varna region, including over 200 new jobs.

Dobrotich Wind Park will assist the government to achieve its commitment to the European Commission in achieving 27% renewable energy in the energy mix by 2030.

About the Project

The projects has planned the development of up to 80 wind turbines and associated infrastructure on agricultural land approximately 60km west from the city of Varna-in the municipalities of Vetrino and Valch dol. The site is well suited to wind generation due to its reliable wind resource, low density of rural residential dwellings and proximity to existing transmission infrastructure.

A range of turbine sizes are being considered for the Project. The dimensions of the wind turbines anticipated to be on the market in the next few years are up to 260m (height from blade ground to top of blade tip), with generating capacity of up to  7 MW. Larger turbines enable greater energy generation from a smaller number of machines, lowering the levelized cost of energy.

Dobrotich Wind will generate enough electricity to power around 440,000 homes



Dobrotich Wind Park is in north-eastern Bulgaria, in Valci Dol and Vetrino municipalities, Varna Province. Surrounding the site are several villages – Dobrotich, Momchilovo, Esenitsa, Mihalich, Iskar, Dobroplodno, Kaloyan, Yagnilo, Sredno selo and Vetrino, all around 60km from the city of Varna.


Land Acquisition
Environmental permitting process
EIA approval
Wind study completion
Design and permitting approval
Offtake arrangement
Financial close


CWP Global is committed to  develop its projects the right way.  In line with this, Dobrotich Wind Park is being constructed and operated in accordance with all relevant approvals and regulations.