Winners of the “Beautiful Garden” contest

The most skilled gardeners in the “vegetables” and “flowers” categories of the “Beautiful Garden” contest have been awarded. The prize fund of BGN 2000 in total was distributed among six gardens in Valchi Dol municipality. The executive director of “Dobrotich Wind” AD, Sevda Yontcheva, personally presented the awards. Together with the company’s team, she personally visited each winner and walked through the amazing green spaces that they have created in their homes. “Thank you to all the participants for the warm welcome and the incredible beauty they shared with us. The gardens show the diligence, work and love of every gardener, worthy of admiration. The time spent in these amazing green spaces was a real pleasure to me and the entire team,” commented Sevda Yontcheva.

1-st placeSiyka MihalevaValchi Dol
2-nd placeGalia BelevaValchi Dol
3-rd placeAni KolevaEsenitsa village
1-st placeGergana and Stoyan ZhekovMihalich village
2-nd placeDimitar VasilevIskar village
3-ed olaceRumyana and Marin YanevShtipsko village

Siyka Mihaleva from the town of Valchi Dol was crowned with the victory in the flower gardening category. She welcomed us warmly and hospitably in her green oasis, arranged with great attention to detail, combining colors and shapes in incredible harmony. She told us about how she maintains the exotic palm trees that adorn her garden. The lights made an impression, which at night turn the place into an incredible light extravaganza.

Our visit to Galya Beleva’s garden was a real pleasure to the eyes and the soul. With her big smile and friendly greeting, she told us about the installation of keys on one of the walls in her garden. A magical corner that transports you to “Wonderland”. The small pebble mosaic of an old Bulgarian house was made by herself with the help of her husband after long hours of effort. It has been all worth it because every detail in Galya’s garden tells a story.

Third place went to Ani Koleva. However, she is the only finalist from Esenitsa village, which makes her first in the village, as she noted. Her garden is certainly a reflection of her personality – very positive and smiling. Thank you for your participation and the pleasure of meeting you in person.

Gergana and Stoyan Zhekov took the well-deserved victory in the “vegetable” gardening category. This tandem knows how to grow delicious vegetables, and with their daily work they affirm this title. We enjoyed their produce and they became famous from Sofia to Varna.

Dimitar Vasilev from Iskar village, and Rumyana and Marin Yanev from Shtipsko village got the 2-nd and 3-rd place prize, respectively, in the “vegetable” gardening category.

Despite fierce competition, the winners were deservedly crowned with success. We thank everyone who participated in the contest and promise that it will not be the last one organized by “Dobrotich Wind” AD.