“Sun” kindergarten in Mihalich village celebrates 50-year anniversary

In May 2023, the kindergarten in Mihalich village celebrated its anniversary. “Dobrotich Wind” were pleased and honored not only to be part of the celebration, but also to support the kindergarten. With support from “Dobrotich Wind” AD, the playground flooring was repaired and a new fence installed at a total cost of BGN 18 000. To mark the anniversary, children from the kindergarten performed a diligently prepared concert. Kids and adults together created a memory board with colorful outlines of children’s hands and signatures from dear guests and educators. Among the special guests were the chairman of Valchi Dol municipality council, Dimitar Todorov, the mayor of Mihalich village, Nezhmedin Ahmedov, and the Valchi Dol deputy mayor, Pepa Pencheva. All three of them added their signatures to the memory board, which was installed in a central place at the kindergarten, so that all children, parents, and visitors could enjoy it and remember the teachers’ testament.