Municipal mini football tournament in Valchi Dol

“Dobrotich Wind” AD was the main sponsor of the Municipal mini football tournament, held on 26-27 August 2023 at the “Petko Sirakov” stadium in Valchi Dol. Nine local teams participated. After a two-day competition, the team of General Kiselovo deserved the victory. All teams showed fair play and engaged the audience with the enthusiastic play. As main sponsor, “Dobrotich Wind” AD provided the prize fund, as well as the equipment of the stadium. The sports event was also supported by “BG Agro” AD. Our company is pleased to have supported this sporting event.

The mayor of Valchi Dol municipality – Georgi Tronkov, attended the tournament. A special guest was Stanislav Stoyanov, who shared that he was happy to step on the field where he started his football career. He is currently Director of the Children’s and Youth School of PFC “Black Sea”.