Children’s sports celebration in Mihalich village, Valchi Dol municipality

With fun outdoor games, children from Mihalich village celebrated the opening of the playground, renovated with the support of “Dobrotich Wind” AD and the hard work of volunteers from the village. The mayor, Nezhmedin Akhmedov, greeted children and parents and gave start to the fun part. The entire space around the site has been mowed, thanks to the workers under the program for improvement of the green areas worth BGN 36 000, provided by “Dobrotich Wind” AD. A new volleyball net has been installed, as well as video surveillance. More fun events are coming up in the green space next to the town hall of Mihalich, which the “Dobrotich Wind” team will be happy to support. Kudos to all the kids who cleaned up the playground after the games and treats to keep the space clean.